Radial Stylus


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  • Based upon a 3d printed frame, the Radial Stylus uses a bearing to turn a stylus tip on your smartphone screen. This rotation can accurately control the focusing page of the amazing IOS app Foolcontol (by Mikael Lubtchansky).
  • Eight magnets allow the unit to divide in half; allowing the user to access a full screen view of the phone in a split second.
  • A carved Bubinga wood grip gives a pleasing texture and increased ergonomics, helpful for those long shoot days. The finger grooves on the grip are large enough to function properly with winter gloves.
  • A silky smooth bearing is embedded into the frame to provide a consistent and accurate rotation for the stylus tip.
  • The back of the unit features a captured 1/4" 20 stainless steel thread which can be used to mount the unit to camera rails, camera bodies, arms, stands, clamps, rosettes, or pretty much anything with a 1/4" 20. The same threads can be used in hand-held configuration for attaching the included Lanyard Loop Attachment, which provides a mounting point at the bottom of the phone for connecting a lanyard.
  • Sadly, not every production can afford a full FIZ hand unit. The mechanical assistance and ergonomics that the Radial Stylus provides is very helpful but will never replace a real wireless follow focus. At times the ios device may ignore the stylus. Momentarily touching the top of the stylus housing or top magnet will wake it back up.
  • IOS device and Foolcontrol app are not included.



  • Be sure to choose which phone you would like to use in the PayPal dropdown above. The exact specs will vary between each version.


iPhone 6, 6s, and 7:

  • Length: 2¾ in.      72mm
  • Width:  3¼ in.      82mm
  • Height: 2¼ in.      60mm


iPhone 6+, 6s+, 7+:

  • Length: 2¾ in.      72mm
  • Width:  3½ in.      92mm
  • Height: 2¼ in.      60mm





  • The iPhone 6, 6s, and 7 version is In Stock ready to ship.
  • The iphone 6+ and 7+ version is In Production.
  • The iTouch 5th and 6th gen version is in Prototype phase.
  • The iPhone 5 and SE version is in early Prototype phase.


  Please keep this status in mind when ordering. Feel free to check back for updates.

Box Contents

  • 1x Follow Focus unit
  • 1x  Stylus unit.
  • 2x Magnets for securing stylus.
  • 1x  Lanyard loop attachment.
  • 1x Cinema Tool Box Logo Lanyard
  • 1x small carabiner.
  • 1x 1/4" 20 tapered bolt.
  • 1x Information card.