Quickswap Iris (for RT Motion)







  • The Iris upgrade for RT Motion hand units replaces the iris scale making it toollessly interchangeable.
  • The stock RT iris marking area is screwed onto the unit and only comes with one scale, so when you change to a lens with different markings you have to either re-draw all the marks or peel and stick marks on tape over and over. In our opinion that just doesn't cut it. This solution allows ACs to pre-mark all of their lenses before the shoot. During a lens change, ACs will be able to quickly and toollessly swap iris markers.
  • Two index holes make swapped iris markers return to the same place each time ensuring repeatability and accuracy of the iris markings throughout the shoot.


  • Material: Additive manufacturing PLA.
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Height:



  • In Production

Box Contents

  • 1x Iris marker holder
  • 8x Blank iris markers
  • 1x Key ring
  • 1x M2.5 screw
  • 1x M2.5 set screw